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An Itinerary for a Coastal Indian Trip: North Goa to South Goa by Road :

Goa, the sunny state, has a lot to offer, from the peaceful beaches in the south to the vibrant nightlife in the north.Arranging a road trip from North Goa to South Goa entails a complex allure that you ought to encounter once in your life. Considering how easily these two Goan locations are accessed, planning the ideal itinerary is not difficult. Road trippers looking for excitement and renewal can expect an amazing time. So take off on the most exciting journey of your life with the aid of this all-encompassing guide.

Ideal Time To Schedule A Road Trip From North Goa To South Goa

December through April is the best time of year to take a road vacation. The skies are clear, the weather is nice, and the humidity is tolerable around this time. Moreover, Goa loses its festive vibe between November and December. You may anticipate increased charges during this time of year because Goa is typically overrun with tourists.

Go on this road trip in October and November, the shoulder seasons, for a more sedate experience with fewer tourists and more affordable prices. While certain beach activities may not be available during the rainy season, the entire experience is remarkable.

Route of the Road Trip from North Goa to South Goa

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The answer to the question “How far is South Goa from North Goa to South Goa?” may be found here. There are about 72 kilometers separating the two. This isn’t really much of a road trip experience, technically. This explains why most visitors schedule side trips to prolong their visit and take in the area’s natural splendor.

The well-kept NH66 highway is the most convenient option. It provides a picturesque voyage around the coastline of the Arabian Sea, which is home to a number of lovely towns, unspoiled beaches, and secret coves. Not to add, humans are similarly great. This is a summary of the itinerary:

North Goa to South Goa
North Goa to South Goa

North Goa is the starting point.

This is where your adventure will begin. Common starting sites for road journeys in Goa are usually Anjuna, Candolim, Baga, or Calangute. Select your beginning point based on where you are at the moment. Panjim, if you don’t mind taking a 10-kilometer detour from North Goa, is an excellent spot to stop.

NH66 Motorway

Once you leave North Goa to South Goa, continue on the NH66 highway and take in the views of the shore along the way. You might take a short detour to Old Goa halfway through the road trip to see the magnificent ruins of churches and convents.

Final Destination: South Goa

Direct travel shouldn’t take too long because North and South North Goa to South Goa are close to one another. The amount of time varies based on how quickly you travel and how many stops you make en route. You have a variety of options for South Goa’s well-known locations to complete your road trip. Palolem, Colva, Majorda, and Patnem are a few of them.

Must-See Locations On The Road Trip From North Goa To South Goa

It helps to know how far South Goa is from North Goa to South Goa so that you can arrange a comprehensive schedule. It can take three hours to travel the less than 100 miles that separates these two locations. Furthermore, making a few stops along the road is the simplest method to extend that trip. Here are a few things to think about:

1. The North Goan beach of Arambol

Take some time to explore North North Goa to South Goa Arambol Beach before you even set out on your road journey. Arambol is a calm, relaxed beach in contrast to the other busy beaches in North Goa. It’s ideal for travelers who want to explore the magnificence of the spectacular waves and turquoise ocean water in a relaxed atmosphere. You can go to the local flea markets to buy trinkets or try yoga on the beach.

2. North Goa’s Reis Magos Fort

Take a historical detour and see the Reis Magos Fort if you’re sick of North Goa to South Goa beaches and oceans. Situated on a hill with a view of the Mandovi River, it was constructed in the sixteenth century. Scale the fort’s summit to take in the expansive vistas of nature. The fort is very important historically because it was supposedly the first stronghold used by the Portuguese emperors to defend themselves against their adversaries.

North Goa to South Goa
North Goa to South Goa

3. The Saturday Night Market in Arpora (connecting North and South Goa)

When planning a road trip, don’t forget to stop at the energetic Arpora Saturday Night Market on Saturdays. This vibrant market is brimming with handicrafts, trinkets, apparel, and delicious street food from the area. Practice your negotiating abilities and be ready for large crowds.

4. The South Goan beach of Bogmalo

Start your adventures at Bogmalo Beach as soon as you arrive in South Goa. It is a hidden treasure that provides easy access to spotless beaches and a relaxed vibe. The beach is less crowded because it’s thought to be undiscovered. You may unwind beneath the palm trees, and if you’re lucky, you can see dolphins while on the boat cruises.

5. South Goa’s Cabo de Rama

Cabo de Rama is a noteworthy fort in South Goa that is well worth visiting. It is said to be the place where Lord Rama and Mata Sita lived during their banishment and has historical ruins dating back to the 17th century. After you’ve had enough exploring the fort, head down to the isolated Cola Beach to go surfing.

6. South Goa’s Colva Beach

Families love Colva Beach, which is one of South Goa’s least visited beaches. You can take the time to try out some water sports or just lounge on the beach and soak up the sun. The beach’s edge is lined with several beach shacks. There, you can sample some street food and regional specialties from North Goa to South Goa.

7. Goa’s Mangroves (South Goa)

The last adventure on the list is exploring Goa’s mangroves. To see the same, you would need to go on a boat tour along the Sal River in South Goa. Experiencing the abundant biodiversity of this ecosystem is an opportunity not to be missed. In addition to mangroves, you can see otters and a variety of birds there.

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