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6 Indulgent Activities to Enjoy Along Saudi Arabia’s Coasts golden beaches:

In the Middle East, are you looking for some adventure? Would you be interested in visiting Saudi Arabia’s uncharted coast? The Saudi shores are sure to entice you, whether it’s for swimming with exotic fish, sailing through beautiful mangroves, or lounging on immaculate, golden beaches. Let’s examine 6 trips that will make you want to return to Saudi Arabia time and time again.

golden beaches
golden beaches

1. Underwater Photography in the Red Sea 

Any vacation can become unforgettable with seaside pursuits like scuba diving! Swimming among almost 1,200 species of fish in the Red Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia is possible, with nearly 20 percent of those species being exclusive to the region. Investigate the coral reefs and find historical shipwrecks’ remains and valuables.

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2. Take a look around the Faraan Islands

Stunning natural habitats can be found in several places of the globe. While sailing through the mangroves and azure waters of the Farasan Islands, discover the rich history and marine life. Explore the island’s bays and inlets to see sea turtles, whale sharks, dolphins, and manta rays. Go ashore to explore the interior of the Al-Qandal forest, stop by Al-Qassar hamlet, and learn about the history of the islands as the largest Roman fortress in the empire.

3. The Jeddah kiteboard

When kiteboarding off the coast of Jeddah, make use of the smooth, sandy golden beaches, clean, shallow waters, and steady winds that prevail throughout the year. Experience the pleasant, bright, and mild winters that are paired with just the right amount of wind to provide for the ideal winter vacation for lovers of water sports.

golden beaches
golden beaches

4. Take it easy on Umluj’s beaches

Do you prefer the beach? The northern province of Tabuk offers the perfect place to escape and get lost in pure nature: the isolated golden beaches of Umluj. Without a mask and snorkel, you may see marine life in the immaculate seas. Sail the uninhabited islands just a short distance off the shore in a boat that you can rent at the town dock, or have a picnic on the beach.golden beaches

5. Try the Catch of the Day at the Seafood Market in Jeddah

Head to Jeddah’s harbour to get a taste of the sea, where local fishermen unload their catches at dawn. Later, compete with other customers for the freshest catch at Central Fish Market. Discover the interesting history of the port, which includes its significance as a global commerce hub and entrance point for pilgrims heading to the two holy cities, while savouring an unparalleled variety of seafood that is prepped, grilled, and served just hours after it is caught.golden beaches

golden beaches
golden beaches

6. Take Advantage of an Eco-Friendly Vacation at the Red Sea Project

Relish in this new beachfront resort in Saudi Arabia, which welcomes eco-aware tourists. This development project for luxury tourism encompasses an archipelago of ninety islands situated along the Tabuk province’s shoreline on the west coast of the Kingdom. The resort’s development is focused on protecting the Red Sea’s ecosystem, with plans to offer its first rooms in 2022. Ultimately, it will produce and store the energy needed on-site from renewable sources in order to run entirely on renewable energy. As carbon-neutral,golden beaches, single-use plastics will be outlawed totally, yet the opulent experience will herald a sustainable vacation experience. Therefore, both nature and the tourists benefit from this condition!

If you have a soft spot for the water, Saudi Arabia can be the ideal destination for your upcoming vacation. For a cool respite in the Middle East, try a couple of these Red Sea activities, if not all of them!

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